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Article from The Toronto Star, November 13, 1959
Quebec Ref in Charge For Knights-NDG Tilt
A Quebec referee be in charge when North York Knights, Ontario Junior Football champions meet Montreal's Notre Dame de Grace Maple Leafs for the eastern Canadian at Toronto's East York stadium Saturday.
The Quebec Rugby Football Union was granted the unusual request by the Canadian Rugby Union this week.
Ken Gariepy, a director of Knights, said, “Maple Leafs can bring four referees as long as they are bilingual.  We'll beat them on the field.”
North York rookie quarterback, Norm Turner, property of Toronto Argonauts, will be given his biggest test against the Quebec players, who won every game this season, their league championship the last four years and beat North York for the honor of representing the east last year.
Article from The Toronto Star, November 19, 1959 by Joe Taylor
 Turner Suspension Lifted- Knights Beat NDG 14-0
 North York Knights, who waited until the fourth quarter to break out for a victory over Montreal Notre Dame de Grace in the eastern Canada junior football final got a late reprieve last night from CRU junior section czar E. Kent Phillips.
Chairman of the CRU junior committee, Phillips ruled quarterback Norm Turner eligible for Saturday's junior final against Saskatoon Hilltops. Turner, who kicked four singles and a field goal, pitched a touchdown pass to Bill Bell and added a convert in last Saturday's mud-bowl at East York stadium, was tossed out of the game after a fourth-quarter fracas with linebacker Larry Hayes.
Under CRU rules he was automatically suspended until Phillips in Saskatoon could consider his case. Phillips received referee Ted Jarvis' report on the' incident.
In an official Statement to Bill Leveridge, CRU junior secretary-registrar in Ontario, he said: “Since Turner was not involved in fighting or any serious misconduct during the game, his suspension has been lifted."
Turner is the Danforth Tech quarterback Argonauts sent to California PolytechnicaI School on scholarship last fall. Homesick, he returned after two weeks, joined Knights and was the balance of power in their nip-and-tuck struggle with the defending eastern Canadian champions.
Breaking open a scoreless tie, he booted a 30-yard single in the third quarter, three singles in the fourth and then added a 20-yard field goal after leading a belated North York offensive with some, fine running. The incident, which saw Turner and Hayes ejected, came on the kickoff following Bell's touchdown.
Hayes blocked the North York quarterback repeatedly as he tried to move downfield.  Turner retaliated with an elbow, and Hayes swung. When they were separated, Hayes landed a punch on a North York supporter before moving to the bench.
Knights will meet Saskatoon Hilltops, who whipped Vancouver. 61-7, Saturday, in the Canadian junior final at Saskatoon next Saturday.