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Eastern Canadian Finalists

Team Roster

  5 Uldis Alders
  9 Andy Crowe
10 Bernie Muldoon
11 Alan Rafael
12 Austin Cumberbatch
14 Tony Ianniciello
15 Edson Phipps
17 Barry Charlebois
19 Bob Leblanc
25 David Humes
26 Peter Paliotti
29 Angelo Monaco
30 Pat Thornhill
32 Jack Worton
34 Roger Amram
36 Smith Fiset
38 Frank Sergi
39 Colin Berton
44 Mack Rooney
45 Les Pantel
47 Jacques Hebert
54 Bob Della Serra
56 Michel Himbeault
58 Roy Ellis
62 Sheldon Schmetterer
64 Glen Morrison
65 James Kerr
66 Fernando Dicaprio
67 Peter Brodka
68 Bill Smith
70 Jack Mari
73 Don Venkus
75 Steve Glithero
76 Brian Penzari
78 Al Miller
79 Bohdan Zuberchinsky
     Harold Sendal
     Ed Redivo

McGill Awards & Honours - Uldis Auders Award

The Uldis Auders Memorial Award, presented annually since 1981-82, is awarded to the sophomore student who best demonstrates both academic and athletic excellence. The trophy is named in memory of former Redmen and NDG Maple Leaf quarterback Uldis Auders, who died in 1981 at the age of 30, during an avalanche in Nepal.

Article from The Gazette October, 1970
By Bill Mann
NDG: green is mean
Wins Opener

NDG Maple Leafs' “Mean Green” defence stole the show last night in their Metropolitan Junior Conference playoff, beating Verdun 34-7.
NDG coach Mike Gibbons fired up the victory cigar shortly there after and said, “Any time we've wanted to play this year, our defence has stopped everything cold.”
And cold it was.  The only thing that might have been louder than the fierce hitting last night in Trenholme Park was the 300 spectators' teeth chattering.
Except for one play-action pass - an 83-yard TD bomb - the visitors would have been blessed to score a single.
So devastating was the NDG defence that the Invictus managed only one play from scrimmage in NDG territory in the first half - from the 53.  And their two halftime first downs came only in the closing seconds before intermission.
It was hardly better after the half. Only on three plays, from the NDG 50, did the visitors even scrimmage the ball in NDG territory.
It was sweet revenge indeed for the Leafs.  As they poured into their dressing room last night, they ripped a “Verdun 22, NDG 19.” Sign down.  That was the score on Oct.9 when the Invictus won for the first time in recent history at Trenholme.  The Leafs hadn't forgotten.
“We stopped Visneskie (Merv) from getting outside, and Puklicz (Gerry) from running inside,” the NDG coach said as he puffed on the stogie.  “And I think we have the most underrated linebackers around,” he added.
The second game of the best-of-three league championship series will be at Verdun Thursday night at 8pm.  Previous to last night's chilly affair, the two teams had split four games this year.

Article from The Gazette, Oct. 23, 1970
NDG 'Mean Green' grid champs again
Shade Verdun 6-1
By Bill Mann
There was so much water on the field at Verdun Stadium last night that the expected grudge bloodbath turned into a mudbath instead.  It was a fairly "clean" game, as far as junior rivalries go but, oh, was it dirty.
NDG won the Metropolitan Junior Football title from Verdun by a 6-1 score, and it was a miracle that so many points accrued.
The game was one endless repetition of run-punt-fumble, and the Leafs made a first quarter touchdown pass stand up the entire game to win their first playoff title in two years.
An elated NDG coach Mike Gibbons, after being mobbed by his jubilant squad, strode toward the team bus with the league trophy tightly in his grasp.  As the raindrops kept fallin' on his head, he grinned, "We beat them soundly Sunday (34-7), but they came back tonight and gave us a ball game."
The happy coach added, "Our defence.  I can't say enough about 'em.  They're fantastic . . . I definitely feel we're the better team."
The Leafs played the game without first-string quarterback Uldis Alders, who had his knee banged up in the first playoff game at Trenholme Park.  But it's expected he'll be back in action on October 31 when the Greenies take on either Burlington or Brantford from Ontario in the Eastern playoffs, also at Verdun Stadium.  That game will be at 2 p.m.
Reserve QB Al Rafael filled in ably, running NDG's ball-control offence as well as could have been expected in the quagmire that somehow passed as a football field.
In the first period, he connected with Dave Humes on a 26-yard scoring toss that eventually won the game.  A single in the second quarter, an NDG man tackled in the end zone, was the home squad's lone score as NDG's defence reigned supreme once more and a sparse and damp crowd of some 150 looked on in disappointment.
The Invictus, however blew a golden chance with six minutes left in the game.
A fumble by the Leafs gave the Invictus the ball on the enemy 14, their deepest penetration of the night.  The first play was a busted one, the second-down run was another bust, and a third down pass fell short at the 10.
Once again, the Greenies did an admirable job of bottling up Invictus running back Merv Veneskie, containing him well and not allowing him to get outside.  Where the NDG defence faltered, the ankle-deep mud stopped Invictus' running game.
There were more than 10 fumbles in the game as the slippery skin squirted all over the field.  Punt runbacks were non-existent.  The driving rain made the field progressively worse as the game wore on; one would not have been too surprised to see water lilies sprout in the end zone.
The game ended, surprisingly, with no fights to mar it.  Foul weather makes strange bedfellows.